What Will Tactivo Do For You?

Convenient Mobility Tactivo brings true mobility to organizations using smartcards and solutions can be deployed in the existing PKI (Public Key Infrastructure).

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Tactivo ID100 for Android Mobile Smartcard Reader

+Smartcard Reader & Data Encryption

Onboard secure element for trusted transaction processing that enables hardware security for applications and the ability to build end-to-end encrypted connections from the device to the backend server.

+Compliant Standards

CCID Compliant, USB, and Apple MFI Certified for integration as a reader or a full service crypto-terminal across most mobile and desktop manufacturers.

+Tamper Protection

Tamper resistant hardware design option provides the appropriate security for the highest levels of assurance with identity transactions on mobile devices.

+OEM Manufacturing & Customization

Hardware engineering and manufacturing for custom solutions, rapid prototyping, and system-integration meeting OEM requirements

+Key Management

Hardware terminals can be personalized with private keys for end to end transaction protection and remote management of hardware from a central server

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