Optimize and Transform Digital Solutions

We help healthcare and public sector customers use technology to make a positive impact fast.

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Create Connected Patient Experiences

Identity-aware consent and authorization service at scale.

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Manage Connected Provider Experiences

We help healthcare reduce identity-based cyber risk.

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Enable Connected Citizen Experiences

We help municipal governments enhance trust and engagement with citizens.

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IDENTOS Difference

Industries We Serve


We assist healthcare organizations in creating scalable, secure, and privacy-focused solutions. Our expertise in identity, authorization, consent, FHIR and interoperability enables them to innovate faster while leveraging existing IT investments. Learn more about our reusable components and current initiatives.

    Public Sector

    We aid Public Sector clients in expanding digital services 24/7 for growing digital populations. Our solutions prioritize identity assurance, privacy, security, and ease of access. Using standards and collaboration, IDENTOS facilitates cost-effective digital citizen programs that can scale across communities and jurisdictions.

      IDENTOS Solutions

      Digital Front Door

      An omnichannel entryway (for web portals and mobile apps) that provides centralized access to a healthcare provider's digital and in-person services for patients, caregivers, and healthcare ecosystem partners.

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      Health Consent Solution

      A reusable and configurable consent solution enables patients (and authorized parties) to grant others fine-grain access to their clinical and health data. It promotes convenience and informed decision-making throughout patients' care journeys, enhancing interoperability and cyber resilience for health systems.

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      Identity Verification Solution 

      A managed service solution to verify new users with a tailored identity verification process for healthcare and the public sector with live human agents.

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      Digital Services Access Layer

      An open standards solution for secure, consistent access across digital touchpoints. Our solutions handle identity, authentication, consent, preferences, and authorization.

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      IDENTOS Capabilities

      Identity Management

      Access Management

      Data Connectivity

      Digital Experience

      Framework and Architecture

      Professional Services

      IDENTOS offers various professional services to help organizations with their digital health and government optimization and transformation needs.

      Stategic Advisory Services
      Leveraging years of experience assisting government agencies, we provide expert guidance on IT strategy, planning and implementation to drive efficiency and innovation in the public sector and healthcare.

      Citizen Identity Maturity Assessment
      This service helps healthcare and public sector organizations assess the maturity of their citizen identity program and assist in getting you assessed against the trust framework(s) of your choice.

      In addition, IDENTOS has offered digital health consulting, healthcare integration, UX consulting, IAM and CIAM consulting expertise, and project management services to help healthcare and public sector organizations.

        Managed Services

        IDENTOS Managed Services empowers healthcare and public sector leaders to prioritize their vital missions without IT concerns. Choose peace of mind, operational efficiency, and a focus on your community's well-being.

        IDENTOS can free up your IT teams to prioritize your critical projects. Our fully managed services IT experts ensure your solutions are entirely patched, monitored, and optimized. We help you with the labour shortage, protect your data, and accelerate digital transition projects.

        We are an ISO 27001 Certified organization. Our customer experience streamlined IT governance when working with us. In addition, our proactive performance management helps customers have adequate visibility over their applications and confidence in our care.

        You are in good company

        Experience digital excellence with IDENTOS, tailor-made for healthcare and the public sector. Our identity, verification, authentication, and authorization solutions prioritize security, compliance, and privacy, holding ISO and SOC-2 certifications. As DIACC, MISA, HIMSS and Kantara members, we drive innovation, supporting your sector's unique challenges. Elevate your digital future with IDENTOS as we work with you and alongside your current technology partners and service providers.

        Modernize access technology, advance patient connectivity

        Book with us to learn about how IDENTOS specializes in helping you solve for current challenges and innovate for the future.