Smartcard and Biometric Authentication

Use Tactivo smartcard readers for convenient smartcard or biometric authentication that brings true mobility to organizations that require the highest level of identity assurance and security.

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Tactivo Mini Optical

Fingerprint Scanner & Smartcard Reader

Compact identity verification device combining fingerprint biometrics and national identity cards for in-person customer onboarding and authentication.

Smartcard and Fingerprint Combined

The reader enables a high level of assurance by matching fingerprint biometrics from an identity card with the physical fingerprint of the person presenting the card as a form of identification.

Secure and Compliant

Tactivo offers strong information security through two-factor authentication using a combination of smartcard and fingerprint. With the FAP10 FBI certified sensor and UAE Emirates ID card toolkit plugin, it is ready for integration by regulated service providers.

Convenient Mobility

Tactivo brings true mobility to organizations with simple USB connectivity to smartphones and tablets and solutions can be deployed in the existing PKI (Public Key Infrastructure).

Wide Range of Uses

Tactivo supports a host of use-cases for regulated service providers in the financial, Government, Healthcare and Telecommunication sectors.

Use Cases


Biometric Verification

During the enrollment process for identity cards, governments capture biometrics and store this information within the Automated Biometric Information System (ABIS) and the smartcard chip of the identity document. The small yet exceptionally powerful IDENTOS device, is perfect for key applications like border control, banking “know your customer” verification, and law enforcement identity checks enhancing security in these critical areas. An example of this is the UAE Government integration.

Financial & Insurance

Mobile Customer Contracts

In a departure from the traditional mode where clients visit a branch office, this innovative approach involves banks and insurance agents going directly to clients’ premises to enroll new customers and sign contracts using strong identity verification provided by matching identity card data with biometrics for authentication and eSignatures.  By leveraging tables, apps and eID cards, agents can streamline workflows, ensuring legally binding and compliant contracts with enhanced convenience and efficiency.


Telco SIM Card Registration

The challenge lies in the prevalence of over 60% prepaid mobile phone contracts, which raise security concerns due to their anonymity. To address this, the solution involves using the Tactivo mini Optical device connected to a tablet or smartphone which reads the client’s eID, matches their fingerprint, and registers the SIM card by scanning a barcode. This streamline process ensures that a customer’s ID is securely linked with the SIM card in just three simple steps ensuring traceability to a verified individual.

AirID 2

Wireless Smartcard Reader

AirID 2 is a wireless, flexible smartcard reader and FIDO security key (authenticator) in one compact and lightweight device. The wireless smartcard reader in a credit card sized form factor. AirID supports Windows, MAC, iOS, Android and Linux through Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and USB.  Discover unlimited use cases such as convenient 2-factor authentication, smart card LogOn, distance auto log-off, mail and data encryption, etc.

Secure Connection

To achieve the highest transmission security, AirID secures the data transfer via the Bluetooth connection to all corresponding work devices (tablet, smartphone, PC, etc.) using AES 256 encryption.

Mobile Security for Enterprises

Secure your communication and protect your company’s data with a variety of applications such as email encryption, smart card logon, a second factor secured VPN access.

One Device For All Platforms

Whether Windows, macOS, Android or iOS – AirID technology works platform-independently! The automatic distance logout is possible with all platforms and represents the decisive difference between the AirID and other card readers. The PKI smart card and the AirID always remain in the safest place – directly with you.


✓ Device independent through Bluetooth connections
✓ Use of NFC for logical and physical access (card always remains in AirID)
✓ Suitable for your company ID
✓ Integrated distance logout
✓ Easy operation with jog dial
✓ Energy-saving LCD display

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