Meet the Team.

The company, backed by a team of highly skilled entrepreneurs, engineers, and experts, is passionate about making digital trust accessible and privacy a fundamental right. Our team’s track record includes previous roles at Bell, Ranovus Inc, TELUS Health, Ericsson, IBM, and more.


Hamid Arabzadeh

Executive Chairman & Investor

Hamid is the Executive Chairman of IDENTOS and is an Entrepreneur/CEO with 20 years of experience managing technology based startups. Currently the CEO and Founder of Ranovus Inc, Hamid previously operated Core Optics which was acquired in 2010 by Cisco Networks. He is also a member of the Purple Angels network, and also operates his own incubator Spoke Technologies Inc.

Mike Cook

CEO and Co-Founder

Mike Cook opened and has led the IDENTOS Inc. operations since it’s inception. With experience managing and leading software development teams, including over a decade in the telecommunications space, Mike brings a unique vision for enabling secure digital identities in a mobile world. A computer engineer with an MBA, Mike’s strategy is to build never before seen solutions to modern day problems against a sustainable and scalable model. Mike has led IDENTOS as it has grown to a profitable, 50+ person organization with offices and staff in 5 unique locations.

Joe Mayer

Chief Revenue Officer

Joe Mayer is Chief Revenue Officer at IDENTOS. He is responsible for global revenue and leading commercial activities for North American market. Joe has over 15 years of digital health experience including a decade in leadership roles across TELUS Health. Joe has built, delivered and operated digital innovation for governments, military, hospitals and many other healthcare providers domestically and internationally.

Brion Muldoon

Chief Information Security Officer

Brion Muldoon is the Chief Information Security Officer at IDENTOS. Brion brings over 15 years of experience at Bell Mobility, one of Canada’s largest telecommunications organization, where he lead customer success and operations. Brion is heavily involved in the clean and efficient execution of projects and resource management. Under Brion’s leadership, internal development practices have matured rapidly, project delivery is a smooth and prompt process, and our team has consistently grown in high caliber talent.

Alec Laws

Chief Technology Officer

Alec Laws has led Spoke Technologies development and technology practice for 5 years and is currently IDENTOS Chief Technology Officer. Alec has 8 years of experience as a talented mobile developer and solutions architect. Alec has been the driving force and architect behind the FPX product suite and the continued planning in its build and specification publication. Alec leads a team of over 20 developers, ensuring sound development practices are followed and that our technical team is constantly learning and improving their trade.

Patricia Wiebe

Director, Product Management

Patricia Wiebe is the Director of Product Management at IDENTOS. Patricia is an accomplished leader with over 25 years of experience in IT. In her previous role at the BC Government, she spent 17 years driving projects and teams in leading-edge citizen identity management and service delivery, most notably the BC Services Card program and identity services and apps. At IDENTOS, she currently leads the identity verification team and engages with public sector clients to understand their needs, and will leverage her deep experiences to help expand products and services.

Jason Owens

Vice President, Western Canada

Jason Owens is the Vice President of Western Canada at IDENTOS. Jason is an accomplished Senior IT leader with over 20 years of experience in service delivery in both the private and public sectors. Combining significant capabilities in business acumen and stakeholder engagement, along with broad technical expertise, Jason effectively applies these skills to guide teams to successful delivery of high value services to clients and partners.

Jijesh Devan

Vice President, Product Marketing and Business Development

Jijesh brings over 12+ years of leadership experience in B2B and B2G marketing and business development in healthcare and other regulated industries. He is responsible for product marketing and revenue enablement at Identos. Jijesh has a proven track record in developing and scaling product marketing, revenue enablement, and partner marketing for enterprise cloud SaaS/PaaS solutions.

Darryl Mcewen

Vice President of Finance & Corporate Development

Darryl McEwen is the Vice President of Finance & Corporate Development at IDENTOS. He is responsible for leading the corporate development, finance, and administration functions of the organization. Darryl has over 12 years of digital transformation and security experience including leadership roles with 2Keys Corporation, which was acquired by Interac Corp in 2019. Darryl utilizes his skills in finance, strategic relationship building and corporate strategy to ensure sustainable organizational growth.

Shawn Heeley

Vice President of Customer Success

Shawn Heeley joins the executive team as the new Vice President of Customer Success. He is responsible for IDENTOS’ new Managed Services offering and will be taking over leadership of support and service delivery leading the Client Solutions team. Shawn is an accomplished leader with over twenty years of experience in design, deployment and support of fully managed solutions for public and private sector customers.


Robert Schneider

CEO & Investor

Robert is the CEO Founder & Investor of IDENTOS and is an Entrepreneur/CEO with over 20 years of experience managing technology companies. Previously Robert founded SCM Microsystems, one of the leading PC network security & DTV encryption technology companies providing smart card encryption hardware used around the world. SCM was taken public in both Europe and North America under Robert's leadership.

Wolfgang Konwalinka

Head of Product Development

Wolfgang is Head of Production & Industrialization and oversees the entire process from the conceptualization phase of a product to market introduction. He is highly efficient and an analytical thinker with extensive experience in the smartcard reader market. Previously, Wolfgang was Senior Systems Engineer at Identiv and SCM Microsystems and responsible for customer projects in the Professional Service Group.

Travis Dunn

Business Development

Travis is responsible for Business Development at IDENTOS and his highly committed nature and deep technical understanding allow him to form excellent business relationships. Travis previously spent 15 years in sales and marketing roles, managing the exclusive distribution for various defense suppliers in Europe.

Armin Wachter

QA Product Testing & Support HW

Armin is the QA Product Testing & Support Manager at IDENTOS and has been managing successful support, information and complaint management teams for 18 years. His down to earth manner and ability to listen, paired with in-depth knowledge of smartcard technologies and security solutions make him indispensable to the team. Armin has been in leading roles for Identiv, SCM Microsystems and Adobe.

Advisors to the Board

Peter L. Levin

Co-Founder and CEO, Amida Technology Solutions

Peter L. Levin is the CEO of Amida Technology Solutions, focused on data management and data security. In previous appointments, he was a Senior Advisor to the Secretary and Chief Technology Officer of the Department of Veterans Affairs, leading their health record modernization initiative. Today, Peter is an adjunct senior fellow at the Center for a New American Security, a Strategic Advisor to Government Executives (SAGE) with the Partnership for Public Service, and a member of the CNAS Biotech Task Force.

Jeremy Theal

Chief Medical Information Officer, Alberta Health Services

Dr. Theal is the Chief Medical Information Officer at Alberta Health Services. In this role, he is the lead physician for implementation and continuous improvement of a province-wide clinical information system serving 4.5 million citizens across over 800 facilities and over 8,900 acute care beds, the largest project of its kind in North America. He holds an MD from the University of Toronto, with fellowships in Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology, and Therapeutic Endoscopy.