Explore ways we help solve user centric problems in various industries by enabling trusted ecosystems of identities, data and service providers. View IDENTOS use cases below.

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Digital Government | Case Study

Initiating a Leading Privacy First Approach to Digital Government

A core part of the team behind the Ontario trusted account, IDENTOS extends expertise and tools to scale patient access for Ontarians.

Digital Health | Case Study

Scaling access for a global health exchange platform with API authorization

IDENTOS simplifies compliant access and information sharing with API authorization in the Telus Omara health exchange

Digital Health | Case Study

Transforming healthcare with an all-in-one digital access platform

One platform for a digital front door, single sign on (SSO), identity verification and information sharing with services

Digital Health | Use Case

Improved Health Outcomes for Members

Modernization of access control technology could help facilitate data exchanges for personalized member engagement, faster claims and enhanced health outcomes.

Digital Health | Use Case

Enabling Real-Time Health Information Exchanges

Modernization towards dynamic access control technology could help connect data silos across jurisdictions, improving efficiencies for healthcare providers and health outcomes for patients.

Financial Services | Use Case

Breaking Down Data Silos for Seamless Financial Journeys

Large financial institutions with multiple lines of business that address a cross section of customer services, need to ensure they comply with two key requirements.

Financial Services | Use Case

Facilitating Client Engagement Through Trusted Partnerships

Many opportunities exist when financial institutions can create trusted connections to third party services, including client engagement and loyalty through connected financial journeys that extend beyond the institution.

Digital Government | Use Case

An Engaged Citizen is a Connected One

As cities become increasingly populated and developed, the need to provide citizens with efficient ways to engage is critical.

IDENTOS | Whitepaper

The Blueprint for a Trustworthy Data Economy

Examine the concept of trustworthiness as an essential factor to succeeding in the next technical paradigm where data ecosystems are rapidly being propelled to accommodate for people’s trust.

Digital Health | Use Case

Enabling Improved Healthcare Journeys

The healthcare industry has a known weakness in the continuity of care for patients.

Higher Education | Use Case

A Faster, Streamlined Enrollment Process

The admissions process for Higher Education institutions can often be a confusing, stressful undertaking for today’s students, young and old.

Digital Health| Use Case

Patient Access to Immunization Records

The ability to track immunization history is important for citizens across all demographics. Parents in particular feel the burden to keep records of immunizations for their dependants to access key services.

Higher Education | Use Case

Engaging Alumni in New Ways

When it comes to fostering deep, lasting relationships with Alumni, Universities must turn to fast, accessible, and transactional experiences to increase and maintain engagement.