A Faster, Streamlined Enrollment Process

The admissions process for Higher Education institutions can often be a confusing, stressful undertaking for today’s students, young and old. Ensuring the right information arrives by certain deadlines can be a very straining experience as students and admissions staff cannot track documents accurately. As the first interaction most students have with an educational institution, the Registrar, and associated admissions department, are in a unique position to offer a smooth, enjoyable experience to build excitement for prospective or incoming new students.

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Alice is halfway done her final year at a well known high school in her area where she has worked very hard to get high grades and stay engaged through clubs and councils. Alice wants to study Biochemistry at a few notable universities, some local and one or two choice picks internationally.

Alice is very tech-savvy and busy with wrapping up her year and hopes to engage with universities through digital channels.



On top of the transcripts Alice’s highschool counselor must fax through, Alice must also prove things like her date of birth, current address, and some of her off-campus accreditations. This data is spread out and Alice has trouble running around tracking it all down.


The universities Alice is applying to expect to receive information directly from Alice, from third party verification institutions, as well as from her high school directly. Managing these channels is confusing and costly.


Alice is applying for a special grant from a national pharmaceuticals company. This company requires much of the same information as the universities do, including an acceptance letter once provided. This would require a lot of repeat work from Alice, including more deadlines.


A system that Alice can use on the devices she wants, such as her mobile phone or laptop computer, to share and manage the flow of data to the respective portals she must use to apply to university and pharmaceutical grant. With the touch of a button, Alice pulls key information from the school systems she has verified herself to and shares it with the requesting portal or third party applications. As the system is run and offered by the universities Alice is applying to, she can track her progress on each application individually. Once accepted, Alice’s application experience changes to her actively managing her class enrollments, residence application, and receiving key information for her to start her educational journey. Provided as a digitally verified document, Alice can flip her acceptance letter over to the pharmaceutical company’s grant portal where it is instantly accepted as trustworthy and her grant is processed.

IDENTOS technology to support

The IDENTOS health stack includes:

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Federated Privacy Exchange (FPX)

Dynamic consent based access control designed to easily connect a community of users to any number of data and digital service providers.

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Digital Wallet

Personal digital wallet that grants users SSO access and management of explicit consent directives.

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Community Navigator

A configurable mobile app designed to enable, protect and connect the digital journey for users.

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With the IDENTOS health stack, tap into:

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Digital ecosystems that are quick to launch

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Powerful scalable citizen identity - allowing citizens to access and engage with digital government services

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Flexibility to leverage existing identities and/or remotely verify identities

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Interoperability across networks and jurisdictions

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Privacy and loyalty with citizen consented data sharing and authorization

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Cost effective network with a flexible data integration that scales effortlessly

Modernize access technology, advance patient connectivity

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