Simplify Identity Management without sacrificing security or compliance.

From providing multi-factor authentication to accepting trusted external identities, IDENTOS Identity Management works with your existing resources and identity providers to enable simple and secure sign-ons for all your users. Our identity tools and managed services help you scale with new technologies while eliminating costly inefficiencies and security risks.
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Key benefits

See how our Identity Management solutions can benefit your organization.


We provide a complete suite of Identity Management tools to help secure and simplify your user experience.

Multiple authentication options

Choose from Single Sign-On (SSO), Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), and Federated Identity options.

Seamless implementation

Our teams will build a custom identity solution that works seamlessly alongside your current systems and identity providers.

Flexible Identity Management

Grant, revoke, monitor, and automate access from a centralized platform.

Managed identity verification

Allow new users to onboard with photos of IDs or other documents to verify their identity.

Choice of identity provider

Our federation broker gives you the flexibility to accept your choice of government or vendor identity services and providers.

Verifiable credentials

Guarantee authenticity by leveraging the power of digital credentials.

Configurable logins

Create custom requests and agent workflows.

Custom branding and styling

Add logos, colors, and more to deliver a unified brand experience.

Modernize access technology, advance patient connectivity

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