Put users in control of who can securely access their most sensitive data.

With Consent Management solutions from IDENTOS, your users can easily grant consent to allow parents, providers, and other trusted figures to access personal data on their behalf. Our simple interfaces and custom connections make it easy for everyone to manage consent, get access, and securely share healthcare data.
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Key benefits

See how our Consent Management solutions can benefit both your users and your organization.


We provide everything you need to streamline Consent Management without compromising data security or compliance.

Multi-device and multi-channel support

Collect consent across multiple apps and websites, and then manage everything from one place.

Fine-grained access control policies

Specify exactly who can access what data and how with our full suite of access control tools.

Pre-built compatibility with healthcare data standards

Our flexible integrations work with most leading healthcare data standards, including HL7 FHIR.

Compliant across industries

Our solutions are built to comply witata privacy mandates such as HIPAA, PHIPA, FERPA, and GDPR.

Modernize access technology, advance patient connectivity

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