Empower users to safely access and share their data without breaking privacy rules.

With consent-driven Access Management from IDENTOS, your users can give or revoke access to sensitive data through a simple interface backed by the latest security and privacy capabilities. With our suite of data connections, you can also collect and manage consent across multiple channels, websites, and apps.
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Key benefits

See how our Access Management solutions can benefit your organization.


We provide everything you and your users need to easily control who can access your resources.

User-led consent, delegation, and revocation

Allow users to grant or delegate access to their data, and later revoke access when no longer required.

Identity verification tools

Authenticate your user identities with online and in-person verification and liveness checks.

Privacy policy controls

Set, manage, and change your privacy policies for your entire ecosystem or individual resources.

Centralized permission management

Choose who can access certain resources with a single command.

User filtering

Specify unique requirements for accessing your resources with fine-grained access control features.

Repeat authorization handling

Allow authorized users to skip repeated consent screens to deliver a more streamlined experience.

Modernize access technology, advance patient connectivity

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