Enabling Real-Time Health Information Exchanges

The healthcare industry struggles to interoperate with patient data between health networks and jurisdictions. As a result, health care practitioners lack the ability for a quick and holistic view of a patient's health information. Modernization of access control technology to dynamic access control technology could help connect data silos across jurisdictions, markedly improving efficiencies for healthcare providers and health outcomes for patients.

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Dr. Kamens is a family doctor at a local hospital who will be seeing a new patient, Carl, who has just relocated from Oshawa. Her office assistant has sent out a pre-visit Health Questionnaire to Carl. A few days before she sees Carl in her office, she notices that Carl has returned the Health Questionnaire, but with many gaps. Instead of being able to effectively address Carl’s healthcare needs, Dr. Kamens now needs to spend a large chunk of appointment time gathering and completing Carl’s medical history.



Carl struggles to remember parts of his health history and since he’s moved jurisdictions quite a bit over the last 10 years due to his work, he’s been having trouble remembering who his previous providers were and getting in touch with their offices to have his files transferred, resulting in inconsistency and gaps in his information.

Healthcare Provider

Dr. Kamens is looking for ways to onboard new patients more seamlessly and efficiently, so she can spend more time caring for patients but is limited by current silos of data and outdated system architecture blocking access to data.

Healthcare Organizations

Even when patient consent is given, clinics and health networks in different jurisdictions have trouble connecting and transferring files due to varied jurisdictional requirements surrounding privacy.


A digital ecosystem built to empower citizens to access trusted health information while respecting their privacy. After a patient is registered into an app powered by dynamic access control technology, they are outfitted with a portable health account, and are provided access to a range of digital health services, including the ability to share their personal health information (PHI) with other healthcare providers, across different jurisdictions.

Because the hospital where Dr. Kamens works has the federated identity capability of the health information exchange, Carl can use his portable health account to provide consent to Dr.Kamens’ office to view his electronic health records (EHR), access his immunization records, and view lab results. He can also connect Dr. Kamens to his previous doctor in Oshawa and in Victoria to provide Dr. Kamens with Carl’s records. With advance access to Carl’s records, Dr. Kamens can feel confident that she is armed with enough information to help Carl manage his health effectively and efficiently. If needed, she can also provide access to others on Carl’s care team.

For healthcare organizations, this means they can access real time consent to health information, manage the implementation of other services, without vendor lock in, and can enable services and software that support combining legacy and new system approaches.

IDENTOS technology to support

The IDENTOS health stack includes:

With the IDENTOS health stack, tap into:

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Interoperability across networks and jurisdictions

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Conformity surrounding privacy and jurisdictional requirements

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Scalable patient identity - allowing patients to connect securely across various services

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Easy and consent-driven data collaborations

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Cost effective network that scales effortlessly

Modernize access technology, advance patient connectivity

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