Enabling Improved Healthcare Journeys

The healthcare industry struggles to provide continuity of care for patients. A patient admitted to hospital often comes with little to no medical history, a lack of information about medications, and are then discharged with little to no communication back to their care team for follow up. Small changes to connect the different parts of a patient’s healthcare journey from admission to discharge, follow ups, and referrals, could markedly improve health outcomes.

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Sally is 71, and lives independently in a small town with most of her family living in the nearby city; she uses an iPad and a cell phone to stay in touch with them. She has diabetes and mobility issues, and therefore needs daily insulin therapy, and regular monitoring with visits to her healthcare providers. For the most part, she eats well and tries to go out for a short daily walk, but struggles to get herself to her regular care appointments, and worries about consequences of drops in blood sugar resulting in loss of consciousness.



On a recent walk, Sally lost consciousness. A neighbour called an ambulance, which took her to the nearest emergency room. Since this was an unexpected visit at a hospital she had never been to before, Sally had to try to remember her medical history, and communicate needs with her care team there with little support.

Health Agency

Sally’s circle of care is looking for ways to streamline and connect Sally’s care, but is limited by current silos of data and outdated system architecture blocking access to her data.


The hospital needs a system that enables its’ care providers to access and contribute clinical information and make this available to Sally and her regular care team upon discharge.


A digital ecosystem built to empower citizens to access trusted health information. After a patient is registered into the system with a portable health account, they are enabled to use a range of digital services, including the ability to share their personal health information (PHI) with another healthcare provider, and having control of consent and access to their PHI for others in their care team.

Sally, who is managing diabetes and requires regular monitoring will be able to access her entire health record and engage with her healthcare providers. PHI collected during her regular care encounters is stored at her hospital and in provincial assets. This information is now available for Sally and any of her care team to use quickly and efficiently. She’ll also be able to take advantage of other services such as options for booking her hospital appointments and transportation services. She can also monitor her blood-glucose levels from home and share with her care team.

With digital health as an integrated part of the healthcare journey, Sally’s experience from hospital admission to follow-up and regular care back in her home community is seamless from start to finish -- for her and her circle of care.

IDENTOS technology to support

The IDENTOS health stack includes:

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Federated Privacy Exchange (FPX)

Dynamic consent based access control designed to easily connect a community of users to any number of data and digital service providers.

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Digital Wallet

Personal digital wallet that grants users SSO access and management of explicit consent directives.

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Community Navigator

A configurable mobile app designed to enable, protect and connect the digital journey for users.

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ID Store

With the IDENTOS health stack, tap into:

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Digital ecosystems that are quick to launch

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Scalable patient identity - allowing patients to connect securely across various services

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Remote care enablement

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Easy and consent-driven data collaborations

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2-way engagement

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Interoperability across networks and jurisdictions

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Option to onboard 3rd party services

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Cost effective network that scales effortlessly

Modernize access technology, advance patient connectivity

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