Identity Verification Solution

Verify new users with a tailored identity verification process for healthcare and the public sector with live human agents.
Fake and stolen identities are a threat to your new end-user onboarding. With identity verification services from IDENTOS, we’ll help you verify user identity data by authenticating their ID cards and validating with your data sources – all within your current onboarding workflow and identity providers.
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See how our identity verification solutions make it easy to onboard new users while reducing the risk of fraud.

User Convenience and Choice

End-users can use any device to do verification at any time, without waiting in a line in person or online. The solution ( agent and/or system) will notify users when verification is complete.

Verify users faster

Our features help streamline the verification process and work in-sync with your user onboarding workflow to verify faster than traditional approaches securely.

Your choice of verification method

We build on our base solution and industry best practices. We’ll customize the solution to your unique choice of identity providers and verification methods.

Use our verification team

Our dedicated team of identity reviewers can verify ID cards and liveness on your behalf. We can also use agents-less and hybrid models based on your unique needs.

Fight fraud at its source

Our robust verification methods significantly reduce the chance of identity fraud.

Leverage our expertise

We understand that you have unique identity needs and can help figure out an identity verification solution that achieves your goals.


Our identity verification solution is customizable: Using our proven industry best practices and expertise we’ll design a workflow to help you quickly verify your users for your digital services.

Modernize access technology, advance patient connectivity

Book with us to learn about how IDENTOS specializes in helping you solve for current challenges and innovate for the future.