Facilitating Client Engagement Through Trusted Partnerships

Many opportunities exist when financial institutions can create trusted connections to third party services, including client engagement and loyalty through connected financial journeys that extend beyond the institutions themselves -- and the option to monetize referrals from institutions to services. Currently, financial institutions struggle to do so due to legacy systems, siloed data and resourcing. See how IDENTOS' suite of digital solutions for financial services can help.

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Jerry is a tech-savvy single 32-year old. He completed his Bachelor’s in Business Administration at the age of 24.Out of university, Jerry got a great job at a firm, and quickly climbed the ladder. Since he didn’t have financial support from his parents during university, he was forced to take out student loans and spent his first 6 years out of school repaying them.

For the last two years, he’s been aggressively putting money into his savings account with the goal of investing, but isn’t sure where to start. He’s also just received a promotion at work, which came with an attractive pay increase.

He has utmost confidence in his financial institution and currently uses their mobile banking app to view his accounts, deposit cheques and make transfers, but that’s about it.



Jerry is looking into third party services to help him re-structure his budget, given his new salary, and is weighing various investment options (including real estate) – but is feeling overwhelmed by all the options, and paperwork involved in seeing his options.

Financial Institutions

Financial institutions are searching for ways to connect more deeply, in order to better serve their clients.

Third Party Services

Third party services are looking for ways to connect to their target market.


IDENTOS can support the scaling of a trusted digital ecosystem built to empower clients to access relevant services that include trusted services beyond the institution. Financial service companies can extend the security and strength of existing KYC processes while creating new avenues of service monetization; all while building customer loyalty and retention.

Where Jerry already has his bank’s mobile application on his smartphone, it becomes the perfect medium for him to elect to connect and share his data to trusted third party services such as complementary insurance and lending services, budgeting tools, robo-investing apps and more -- all trusted and vetted by his financial institution. He can now budget seamlessly and explore his investment options at the tap of a button.

Later, getting property insurance on his new condo can be done at his fingertips, all through his financial institution’s app.

Jerry’s financial institution benefits by monetizing connections and connected services benefit by having access to Jerry, their target market.

IDENTOS technology to support

The IDENTOS health stack includes:

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Federated Privacy Exchange (FPX)

Zero knowledge access network designed to easily connect a community of users to any number of data and digital service providers

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Digital Wallet

Personal digital wallet that grants users SSO access and management of explicit consent directives.

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Community Navigator

A configurable mobile app designed to enable, protect and connect the digital journey for users.

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With the IDENTOS health stack, tap into:

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Digital ecosystems that are quick to launch

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Technical cost savings with a scalable data integration pattern

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Customer loyalty with consented data sharing

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Interoperability across networks

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Conformity surrounding privacy and jurisdictional requirements

Modernize access technology, advance patient connectivity

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