Connect any number of data endpoints, identity providers, and services together for a more secure and scalable digital ecosystem.

With prebuilt connections for most data formats and standards, IDENTOS Data Connectivity solutions help break down silos and connect even the most disparate resources to unify your data delivery. Our custom resource adapters also make it easy to integrate your legacy data sources and services.
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Key benefits

See how our Data Connectivity solutions can benefit your organization.


We provide both pre-built and custom connections to help you connect everything in your digital ecosystem.

Pre-built and custom connections

Choose from a wide selection of pre-built integration patterns, or let our team tailor a solution to your systems.

Flexible API gateways

Enable communication and identity management between any systems, no matter their format.

Centralized identity and access management

Create and modify permissions across your entire ecosystem from a single point with our centralized IAM tools.

Ingrained data security

Keep your ecosystem secure and compliant with battle-tested connections built to the latest standards for authentication, authorization, and encryption.

Legacy systems support

Easily connect legacy and modern systems with our custom integrations.

Modernize access technology, advance patient connectivity

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