User Directed Identity Management

Outfit your new or existing applications with a secure and flexible utility that helps you and your customers manage identity verification, consent and delegation. Allow your customers to leverage existing trusted IDs, securely manage their identity preferences and control consented access all in one mobile friendly digital module.

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The identity agent for convenient user access & consented data sharing.

Through the addition of the User Directed Identity Management API, users are able to bring their own trusted identities and via a unified user experience. This approach supports the ability to enforce flexible authentication as part of adherence to trust frameworks as well as assurance levels. Identity providers may be accessed through any open standard such as OIDC, SAML, LDAP, etc.

Key benefits

  • Modernize authorization & authentication (SSO, passwordless access)
  • Easily integrate consent management in any app or digital service
  • Enable trusted data sharing via FPX (privacy respecting architecture)

User Consent Management

Users can grant, view and revoke consent and access to their personal data.

Delegated Access

Users can delegate authority of access to personal data (I.e. older family, young children).

Remote Recovery

Convenient and easy account recovery.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Seamless experiences across web and mobile experience.

Flexible Integration Options

Connects and configures digital services in real-time, without the need for a complete app-store release to enable functionality.

Have an app?

Available via SDK for integration with existing mobile apps.