The Federated Privacy Exchange

Welcome to the future of identity and access control. The Federated Privacy Exchange (FPX) is a user directed consent framework and authorization server used to securely and simply connect your customers across your ecosystem of digital services.

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Key benefits

Trusted Connectivity: What is it?

Purpose built to put people in control of their privacy and reduce silos to drive connected online experiences, FPX is a next-generation Identity and Access Management technology specification, design pattern and product. FPX delivers digital authentication, authorization, and consent so that governable connected ecosystems can serve the needs of communities.


Conformance and Compliance

Get ahead of current and future privacy legislation and compliance regulations with our technology.

Interoperable & Flexible

Seamlessly establish connections between multiple data sources for reliable and safe data exchange and integration. Capitalize on open standards such as SAML, Oauth, OIDC and FIDO to easily integrate with existing network resources with minimal impact.

Security, Simplified

FPX extends User Managed Access (UMA 2.0) to ensure privacy is preserved through pseudonymized transactions and strong encryption, and that data is made immutable via a distributed ledger.

Federated Access & Control

Share data with a reliable standard of trust; you and other digital collaborators can federate data with your users consent. By building on leading (UMA 2.0) specification, you can scale to a reliable trust ecosystem while ensuring data remains protected.