The Community Navigator

More Than A Digital Front Door

Help Customers Navigate Digital Services with Ease

With so many services being offered digitally today, organizations require an easy way to onboard, manage services as well as offer a cohesive experience to their customers who need to discover and access the host of services as they change over time.

Plug-In Advanced Identity and Data Access Services

With The Community Navigator, you gain total control over the security of user data within your enterprise and beyond. Connect your community of users, trusted partners, and collaborators for a unified user experience that integrates workflow into a single user journey powered by FPX, our secure and federated data ecosystem.

Maintain Simple Control of Content Across Your Team

Work with our design team to customize your Community Navigator’s branding and layout. The Community Navigator allows for quick onboarding of one or multiple digital services without requiring an organization to overhaul their existing/internal workflows. The Navigator can easily adapt to the size of your network, users, and the number of collaborators.

Customer Story
Read about how we transformed healthcare with an all-in-one digital access platform to make it easy for patients to access services across the Burlington Ontario Health Team.

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