For Health Information Exchanges

The need to quickly, securely and accurately deliver protected health information across jurisdictions between patients and various healthcare provider organizations has never been more in demand. We help health information exchanges (HIE) get it right by connecting data silos and securing digital ecosystems, enabling:

  • Consent-driven data collaboration between service providers and health networks
  • Privacy-preserving interactions, which respect jurisdictional requirements
  • Seamless interoperability across health systems and jurisdictions

For Payers and Insurers

At a time when citizens have started to demand greater transparency in their insurance and healthcare decisions, IDENTOS can support payers and insurers by facilitating data exchanges for personalized member engagement, faster claims and enhanced health outcomes, made possible by:

  • Seamless data sharing among members and partners with user-driven consent
  • Trusted digital ecosystems that are member-centric with accessible health data
  • Ability to connect to trusted third party partners and services

For Healthcare Provider Organizations

It's no secret, patients want greater access and personalized control over their health and well-being. We help healthcare provider organizations safely and quickly go digital so they can provide a connected, and more transparent health journey to their patients by enabling:

  • Trustworthy patient-centric digital ecosystems
  • Seamless access to digital healthcare services, facilitated by a powerful and scalable ID
  • Data privacy & security with patient consented data sharing and authorization

Modernize access technology, advance patient connectivity

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