AirID Bluetooth wireless smartcard reader

The wireless smart card reader at a credit card sized form factor. Enables working wireless with almost any corporate smart card.
AirID supports Windows, Apple iOS, Android, Linux through Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and USB. Existing NFC capabilities of your smart card will be maintained. Discover unlimited use cases such as convenient 2-factor authentication, smart card LogOn, distance auto log-off, mail and data encryption, etc. Using AirID 2, your smart card will always stay safe – with you!

Technical specifications

Communication interfaces: Bluetooth LE™ (V4.2), USB
✓ Pairing for secure, encrypted Bluetooth LE™ connection
✓ Bluetooth connection additionally protected by AES 256 encryption

Micro-USB interface
✓ Smart card access via USB (CCID)
✓ Battery charge or optional power supply
✓ Secure firmware update

Easy operation with low power 132x32 display
✓ Status indicator for Bluetooth™ connection, card and battery
✓ Display information about the AirID device

LEDs for battery charge status and powered smart card / and smart card activity
✓ Easy jog-dial operation
✓ Easy menu navigation
✓ Signal strength, backlight, contrast and buzzer individually configurable

AirID Features

+Secure Connection

To achieve the highest transmission security, AirID secures the data transfer via the Bluetooth connection to all corresponding work devices (tablet, smartphone, PC, etc.) using AES 256 encryption.

+Mobile Security for Enterprises

With AirID you can combine flexibility and security. Use existing smart cards and extend your 2-factor security to mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. You can connect the AirID to the device of your choice either via USB or wirelessly via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).
Secure your communication and protect your company’s data with a variety of applications such as email encryption, smart card logon, a second factor secured VPN access or use the Office 365 products from Microsoft.

✓ Secure Email
✓ Sign documents
✓ 2-factor authentication Single SignOn
✓ Office 365 integration
✓ Secure VPN

+One device for all platforms

Whether Windows, BlackBerry or iOS – AirID works platform-independently!
So it is up to you which operating system you choose. The automatic distance logout is possible with all platforms and represents the decisive difference between the AirID and other card readers: If you move the AirID too far away from your implement, access is automatically blocked. The PKI smart card and the AirID always remain in the safest place – directly with you!


✓ Device independent through Bluetooth connections
✓ Use of NFC for logical and physical access (card always remains in AirID)
✓ Suitable for your company ID
✓ Integrated distance logout
✓ Easy operation with jog dial
✓ Energy-saving LCD display

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