IDENTOS puts developers first in its latest product release

September 7, 2022

Global tech company IDENTOS focuses on the developer experience with core security upgrades, new features, user guides and more as part of its FPX Junction release.IDENTOS Inc., a leader in digital identity and access management, today, launched the latest Federated Privacy Exchange (FPX) version of its identity and authorization software API offering. This release incorporates a number of core updates (including APIs to hold World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) compatible Verifiable Credentials), enabling greater scalability, usability, and security, as well as important user guides geared towards helping developers understand how to use the software.FPX Junction is a cloud-based set of software products which provide fine-grained API authorization and user centric identity management capabilities. The user-managed access (UMA) 2.0 authorization server works in tandem with the digital wallet service to enable single sign-on (SSO) federation with fine-grained resource and user consent management. FPX Junction includes an optional digital wallet UI SDK with native support for mobile and web.

“We are thrilled to announce this next major milestone in our FPX product suite. As an organization that is focused on user-centricity and interoperability, accessibility is of key importance to us. IDENTOS’ user centric APIs securely enable fine-grain consented data sharing at scale. Whether cloud, hybrid, or on-premise, with FPX Junction, our customers get value now and position themselves securely for the future.”Anik Chawla, VP New Markets, IDENTOS

As part of this launch, the company has branded its product releases by naming them after communities and neighborhoods that have been part of their history and growth - starting with the Junction neighborhood, a community that Alec Laws, CTO of the company calls home.

“Celebrating the communities that have made us who we are is a core part of our DNA as a company. We’ve always put culture and people ahead of everything we do. Branding our product releases this way is an opportunity to recognize the communities that have shaped our people, and by extension shaped IDENTOS.”- Azadeh Mahinpou, VP Marketing, IDENTOS.

FPX Junction core updates

Enhanced Usability FPX Junction includes powerful administrative capabilities enabling customers to configure the system with speed and efficiency. Complementing the administrative APIs is updated user documentation including templated examples for administrators.

Standards Optimization FPX Junction is developed on open standards and supports the following:--Optimized UMA 2.0 compliance--Onboarding of network partners including identity providers and service providers via OAuth 2.0, OIDC, SAML, and LDAP

Resource Server Adapter (RSA) Enhancements - an optional software module, the Resource Server Adapter minimizes data source onboarding effort through pre-integration to other FPX components, and configurable extension points for data and API integrations, including non-FHIR consented data imports into a FHIR database. The RSA can capitalize on other features of FPX required to allow this import, including consent capture and identity brokering.

FPX Junction feature updates

Verifiable Credentials Support - Evolving to support Verifiable Credentials, FPX Junction includes an updated digital wallet API which enables the holding, receiving and presentation of W3C Verifiable Credentials using W3C Decentralized Identifiers. FPX Junction meets requirements for Aries Interop Profile 2.0 and DIDComm based credential exchanges. This capability positions FPX Junction as a flexible and future ready authorization platform that can transact access and sharing requests across technology with governed control.

Shared Resource Management / Authorized Representative - This capability allows for multiple users to manage the same resources, as determined by the resource server. This feature has many uses, from simply allowing several people to control sharing of a document, to caregivers securely managing personal data records of dependents. For example, enabling parents, guardians or other designated individuals to manage a health record on behalf of a patient.

AvailabilityIDENTOS’ FPX Junction updates are all available today to new and existing customers.Learn more about FPX Junction

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