IDENTOS advances digital front door experience with 2023 Navigator 3.0 release

December 6, 2022

IDENTOS' latest Navigator, slated for release in early 2023, focuses on filling the gap not met by existing digital front doors in the marketIDENTOS Inc., a leader in digital identity and access management, today announced the upcoming launch of the latest Community Navigator (Nav 3.0). Nav 3.0 builds on the company's previous Community Navigator product (Nav 2.0), a configurable digital front door, which leverages IDENTOS' FPX standards based identity and consent APIs as spine services to safely share data across a set of trusted service partners for a fully privacy respecting, secure, and personalized user experience.The IDENTOS Nav 3.0 will differentiate further by offering a muti-layered governance function that allows multiple enterprises and organizations (or tenants) to share infrastructure and work together, while concurrently having their own regional or jurisdictional governance processes for curating and listing their local digital services and relevant communications for their region. This is made possible with a content management system (CMS) that is tightly integrated with FPX as well as a flexible pricing model to accommodate the needs of its many tenants. The result is one app that can serve a large geography while enhancing a personalized and connected end-user journey.Key contributors in the Nav 3.0 design process included Ontario Health (OH) and several Ontario Health Teams (OHTs). Over 50 patients, family advisors and a group of digital health leaders and representatives were engaged to align on objectives, scope, approach, and design principles.

"Users want an easier way to navigate content, one that's customizable and transparent about the user's privacy and how information is collected and used. Engaging with a large group of experts and organizations enabled us to design a set of features for more efficient collaboration amongst stakeholders as well as an enhanced user experience." Lauren Dewar, Lead Designer, IDENTOS

AvailabilityThe IDENTOS' NAV 3.0 will be available to new and existing customers in 2023.Nav 3.0 feature updatesFor organizations and administrators:-Shared infrastructure for multiple enterprises and organizations-Multi-party content governance and branding capabilities-Content management system that enables organizations to utilize a tagging system and make quick changes-Function for each tenant to curate digital services-Flexible and scalable pricing modelFor end-users:-Function to easily switch between different regions, organizations and their content-Search and filter capabilities to easily personalize their experience-Full support of the FPX verifiable credentials functionality – allowing users to accept credential offers and respond to proof requestsSign up here for early public release announcements and demos of Nav 3.0.(source: CNW)