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A turn-key digital front door, built for trusted on-boarding and personal data sharing

Leveraging the FPX consent APIs, this configurable digital front door enables you to safely share data across your set of trusted service partners for a fully consented, secure and personalized user experience.

Key benefits

  • Easily configure app to support simple integrations or a complex marketplace of partners.
  • Gain total control over the security of user data within your enterprise and beyond
  • Connect your community of users, trusted partners and collaborators

Unified User Experience

Integrates workflow to a single user journey powered by FPX, our secure and federated data ecosystem

Ease of Use

Deploys quickly and offers users a rich experience for various FPX-based use cases

Built-in Scalability

Can easily adapt to the size of your network, users and the number of collaborators

Quick Onboarding

Facilitates onboarding of one or multiple digital services without requiring an organization to overhaul their existing/internal workflows

Real-time App Configuration

Connects and configures digital services in real-time, without the need for a complete app-store release to enable functionality


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