03 November 2022

IDENTOS expands digital access capability for MEDITECH’s Expanse patient portal

IDENTOS and MEDITECH collaboration graphic

Digital identity and access company IDENTOS offers patients a virtual front door equipped with a trusted identity service to seamlessly access MEDITECH’s patient portal, health information and other health services.

IDENTOS Inc., a leading digital identity and access control technology company, today announced a collaboration with MEDITECH, a leader in EHR innovation.  Together, they share the vision to empower healthcare organizations to enable connected patient care with health information access.  The MEDITECH Expanse patient portal is now interoperable with IDENTOS’ open standards based identity management system. Currently, it enables patients using IDENTOS identity management services to login to the MEDITECH patient portal to access their health information. This is a convenient and secure solution that also reduces the need for patients to maintain multiple usernames and passwords and is currently being deployed in Ontario to start.

MEDITECH’s Expanse platform is a globally used web-based EHR that places patients at the center of their care. By leveraging the Expanse patient portal, patients can take control of their health with convenient, mobile, easy to use tools that resemble the consumer technologies they already know well. By externalizing the identity and authorization service from MEDITECH, IDENTOS empowers the patient to benefit from a single sign-on experience to MEDITECH and other digital health services. 

Their first use case together is now live at Southlake Regional Health Centre through Southlake’s Health Navigator app.  The Southlake Health Navigator leverages the Ontario trusted account (Ota), a digital identity service giving patients a secure method to easily access health information and services online, across participating partners and multiple platforms with one secure log-in.  As a partner of the Ota, patients at Southlake can now use the Southlake Navigator app to quickly find and securely access their personal health information on the MEDITECH portal, without creating a new credential.

For patients:
-Streamlines the process for portal enrollment; patients can log-in using a single, reusable trusted identity
-Increased security and convenience
-Patients can more easily access their health information and services online

For healthcare organizations:
-Increased adoption and patient engagement
-Reduced IT and administrative effort related to user onboarding, account and password management
-Interoperability; this functionality is built with standards-based technology and can be deployed anywhere MEDITECH Expanse is.

“We are proud to collaborate with MEDITECH to solve long standing data integration challenges and generate significant value to the end user through integrated identity solutions.  In working together, we’re modernizing identity and access control, and providing trusted access so patients can access their health information and services more securely and conveniently, as well as making patient portal account management easier for health service providers.” -Joe Mayer, Chief Revenue Officer, IDENTOS

“With IDENTOS, we are helping healthcare organizations to lift many of the barriers they face with patient portal enrollment. Patients can connect using the same secure identity management solution they are accustomed to, without having to remember another username and password. And for our Ontario customers, the solution also helps them align with Ontario’s digital identity strategy and Ontario trusted account initiative.” Robert Molloy, Director, MEDITECH

(source: CNW)