09 March 2022

Digital identity service places patients at the center of care with a major North American implementation of UMA 2.0

The Ontario trusted account, connecting 4 health regions in Ontario (and counting) made possible with the User Managed Access (UMA 2.0) standard developed at Kantara.

IDENTOS, a leader in digital identity and access control technology, has leveraged the work of Kantara Initiative’s UMA 2.0 specification as the key technology in the Ontario trusted account. The recently launched digital identity service gives patients a convenient, reliable, accessible and secure method for accessing health information and services online.  Together, Kantara and IDENTOS share a commitment to putting patients in control of their personal health data.

Kantara’s UMA 2.0 was developed by the UMA Work Group, a global community led by volunteers from across the identity sector.  The group maintains the UMA 2.0 specification, promoting its adoption and supporting its implementors.  UMA 2.0 supports user-centric control of data, especially important as the number of digital and online services continue to grow.  IDENTOS worked with the UMA Working Group for insights and feedback to address key customer challenges and help solve long-standing data integration obstacles.

Built on IDENTOS’ Federated Privacy Exchange (FPX), the Ontario trusted account brings to life a federated identity model that supports a seamless and secure, connected health journey. offering a single solution for identity across many jurisdictions, healthcare providers and services. By utilizing the UMA 2.0 specification, the implementation can be scaled to other health regions, and offers a model which other jurisdictions can adopt and learn from.

“As members of Kantara and strong believers of standards bodies, IDENTOS is proud of this successful implementation of the UMA 2.0 specification.  We look forward to continuing our work together in advancing our vision of connecting health information in a way that is patient centric and delivers value across the healthcare system.” –Alec Laws, CTO, IDENTOS

“We are excited to see a real-world example of simplifying connectivity with the use of User Managed Access (UMA). Digital identity is a vital component of the healthcare ecosystem and we are thrilled to have an opportunity to showcase the very real benefits that UMA evolves the way people can manage their own health information.. Kay Chopard, Executive Director, Kantara

IDENTOS continues to leverage UMA 2.0 through its FPX product to advance a vision of patient-centricity.  This successful implementation marks just the first of many more  scalable ecosystems.

Visit IDENTOS and Kantara at HIMSS22 at the Interoperability Showcase and learn more about this project on March 17th 2022.  More information here.

(source: CNW)