03 March 2022

IDENTOS CTO accepts Kantara Initiative Leadership Council position as Co-Vice Chair

Alec Laws, IDENTOS Chief Technology Officer, joins Kantara Initiative’s Leadership Council as Co-Vice Chair to help advance organization’s reach.

Alec Laws, CTO at IDENTOS, has been named as new Co-Vice Chair of Kantara Initiative’s Leadership Council.  He has held the role of Chair of the User Managed Access (UMA 2.0) Work Group since June 2021.

Kantara Initiative Work and Discussion Groups are global communities led by volunteers from across the sector. Members are passionate about giving control of personal data back to individuals so we can all help shape the future of online interactions.

Alec’s new appointment underscores the importance of having UMA 2.0 as part of Kantara’s leadership mandate and IDENTOS’ commitment to putting patients in control of their health data. 

“We are delighted to welcome Alec as Co-Vice Chair of the Leadership Council.  He has the vision to help other standards bodies leverage Kantara when faced with complex data sharing initiatives.”Kay Chopard, Executive Director, Kantara

“As a strong supporter of open standards and User Managed Access, I am thrilled to be joining Kantara’s Leadership Council.  The position allows IDENTOS to continue our contributions to the development of industry standards alongside world-class thinkers and experts.  Kantara continues to be the best place in the industry to find other experts and engage in meaningful conversations. We share the vision that standardization of identity and authorization solutions result in direct benefits to people.  I look forward to continuing the discussion and collaboration with all Kantara members.” –Alec Laws, CTO, IDENTOS

(source: CNW)

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