27 January 2022

ServiceNow integrates with IDENTOS to enable digital identity capabilities

With a growing demand for digital transformation, ServiceNow partners with IDENTOS to simplify access to and accelerate digital identity capabilities

Toronto, ON – January 27th 2022

IDENTOS (“IDENTOS Inc.”) and ServiceNow announce today, an integration to enable digital identity capabilities for rapid and secure user onboarding. 

In today’s world, users are often required to repeatedly enter personal information in a manner that results in poor user experience and dissatisfaction, which in turn can lead to fatigue, frustration as well as increased calls for support and assistance. 

While ServiceNow is known as a leader for enabling digital services for many public facing solutions, one of the core challenges has been the complexity of offering simple and secure access to digital services to online users. The need to know that the online individual is a real person, ensuring the security and privacy of personal information is respected and the choice to share this information with various digital services have been top challenges that clients need to solve again and again. 

With citizen digital identity onboarding, ServiceNow clients can now provide a superior user experience for their citizen end users. In three simple steps, users are able to use their bank ID and health card to prove their identity with a high level of assurance. From this point onward, their user experience is completely tailored by the ServiceNow workflow to optimize their personalized digital journey. Additionally, user information is no longer required to be filled in manually as this can be shared at the user’s consent from their bank account and health card. Finally, users are no longer prompted to enter usernames and passwords to login to the service. In short, onboarding becomes a secure and transparent process which not only helps ease digital access to services but provides many additional benefits. 

“As the world increasingly moves online, consumers, companies and governments must be able to securely conduct business and access services online and on mobile devices,” said Marc LeCuyer, VP & General Manager, ServiceNow Canada. “Digital identity is the leading part of the solution in offering a convenient and secure experience.”

“IDENTOS is proud to offer its unique digital identity software solutions to complement ServiceNow’s platform,” said Mike Cook, CEO, IDENTOS. “Working together to modernize identity and access control, IDENTOS looks forward to providing trusted access to organizations looking for more valuable and secure digital transformation solutions, and in turn, offering more capability for end users to provide their consent as part of their digital service journeys.”

(source: CNW)