06 February 2019

RE Single EHR for Canadians: Another Way Forward

Dear Dr.Brian,

I recently read your piece “A national electronic health record for all Canadians”, and I share your perspective in support of an evolutionary change in digital healthcare within Canada.

As you’ve noted, health practitioners and service providers need better technology & collaboration to deliver better healthcare “The lack of timely access to information means patients are at risk of harm from incorrect diagnoses and avoidable side effects on everything from prescription medications to the intravenous dyes radiologists inject when they do CT scans and other X-rays.”

On behalf of IDENTOS, I want to let you know healthcare practitioners are not alone. As cybersecurity engineers and scientists with a mission to enable digital innovation; we’ve devoted our time to developing identity and access management technology that radically moves digital healthcare forward as it solves the integration gap to connecting patients and service providers in Canada.


The IDENTOS solution differentiates by putting patients in control of their digital identity, and enabling secure access to their records. By putting patients first, our identity and access management solution accelerates the speed and accuracy of healthcare delivery for patients without bringing hospital workflows and operations to a halt.

It provides the ability for citizens’ existing identity providers (eg. Health Canada, Ministry of Health) and service providers (eg. Hospitals, Physicians, Clinics, Research/Lab Technicians etc.) to federate identities digitally to serve citizens with a single view of their records while keeping privacy and consent in the hands of the citizen.  Therefore, their medical data would be complete and in full view to patients, even if they’re coming from different hospitals, provinces or jurisdictions – and access to service providers can be granted by patients from any trusted identity provider in seconds, eliminating fatal health risks due to lack of data, and administrative hours for record requests.


We will be attending IdentityNORTH to field discussions as we work to integrate cybersecurity solutions within healthcare. With open standards and a foundation for secure digital collaboration; We invite the world to innovate in our backyard.

Please join us.




IDENTOS is a Canadian Cybersecurity company operating in Canada and Germany to advance the digital capabilities of organizations looking to confidently engage their users. Our leading product (The Federated Privacy Exchange) is redefining healthcare and many more industries worldwide with unique and proven network technology that is secure and protected for privacy. The open standards solution, borrowing from Digital ID & Authentication Council of Canada’s (DIACC) PAN-Canadian framework, and Dr.Ann Cavoukian’s ‘Privacy By Design’ principles, closes the gap on Kantara’s UMA 2.0 (User Managed Access) specifications to enable quick, interoperable and scalable collaboration while preserving privacy. For more, please visit our website identos.com or follow us on twitter @Identos_Inc.