Open Source Contact Tracing with Built-in Privacy

Help slow the tide of pandemic infection

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed an urgent need to trace contacts between people and slow the spread of infection. The need for citizen privacy is exposing the limited availability of technology designed to respect our individual consent and protect personal data.

With the health of our community in mind, we have initiated an open source contact tracing project to bring the best of our tech, partners, and communities together to help.

We invite health innovators to download and use this open source application within your ecosystems. Together, we hope to build a healthier, safer, and privacy respecting future.

Access Free Contact Tracing

Designed for Privacy First

The contact tracing app can be utilized inside a new app, or leveraged inside an existing app

  • Consent-driven:
    • Users opt-in to sharing their encounter history with health authorities
    • Additional sharing is only triggered after a positive test, and always based on the user’s consent
  • Limited data is stored:
    • Data is stored only locally on the device (ie. not built into the Operating System)
    • For most users, only a contact method is collected by the health authority
    • Information about an encounter is not available to other app users

Trusted Today. Ready for Tomorrow.

  • IDENTOS is already a trusted developer of leading health organizations in Canada – see our Partners here.
  • No strings attached – our open source software is free for use by our community and anyone interested in curbing the pandemic
  • We don’t provide means for monetization of data and will not sell data to third parties

How Contact Tracing Works

Access the Code

Join us by downloading our open source contact tracing software and by contributing to our Github repo.

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