16 May 2023

IDENTOS updates digital front door enhancing usability for users and administrators

IDENTOS introduces Nav 3.0 product

IDENTOS rolls out Navigator 3.0, a new release of its digital front door product featuring simplified navigation for users and improved content management for administrators

IDENTOS Inc., a leader in digital identity and access management, has launched the latest version of its Community Navigator, Navigator 3.0. This new Navigator includes key updates that improve the end-user experience and offer greater ease in managing content.  It enables organizations to launch modern user-centric digital front door services and integrate digital services seamlessly, including the ability to deliver a patient-centric digital health ecosystem.

The Community Navigator: more than just a digital front door.

Navigator 3.0 (Nav 3.0) builds on the company’s previous Community Navigator version (Nav 2.0), a configurable digital front door, which leverages IDENTOS’ FPX standards based identity and consent APIs to safely share data across a set of trusted service partners. This facilitates a privacy respecting, secure, and personalized user experience.  

The Community Navigator:

-Enables digital service discovery: an easily configurable app to support simple integrations or a complex marketplace of partners for your users to discover.

-Is built for trusted onboarding and digital identity services: facilitates onboarding of one or multiple digital services without requiring an organization to overhaul their existing/internal workflows.

-Allows for granular data sharing: IDENTOS’ FPX standards based identity and consent APIs allows for the safe sharing of data across a set of trusted service partners.


Benefits/features of the updated Navigator

-A simplified end-user experience: enabled by a simplified navigation in the Navigator and its Wallet application through the introduction of user-friendly tabs and buttons – improving discoverability of content and integrated services.

-A modern web-based application that retains the benefits of a native iOS and Android application: facilitated by a web-based interface using open pervasive technology (html and css) that resides in a native application shell enabling IDENTOS to offer the benefits of both native and web apps.  This allows for instantaneous content updates, without needing to re-submit to App stores. 

-Increased flexibility around adding, updating or removing content for administrators: resulting in improved efficiency surrounding content management.

These significant enhancements will benefit various institutions, including government, financial and health service providers. This also includes health teams and healthcare systems that operate with several EMRs/EHRs, ACOs, and entities accountable for ensuring seamless care delivery with a collaborative approach to healthcare.

IDENTOS’ Navigator 3.0 updates are available today to new and existing customers.

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